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Walx - Nordic Walking

Neuro Café 3rd August 2022 by Linda S

We were joined by Martin Christie from Walx who gave us a thorough and interesting overview of Nordic Walking and its many benefits.

Walx is a walking club, with groups throughout the UK. The focus is on fitness, wellness and peer support.

WALX Hampstead is run by Martin Christie. Martin brought Nordic walking into the UK in 2003, founded Nordic Walking UK and has personally trained over 3000 instructors.

Nordic Walking and its Benefits

  • Engages all your muscles

  • Can improve walking speed

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness

  • Encourages beneficial walking patterns such as thoracic rotation

  • Can be particularly beneficial for those with Parkinson's

Footfall Patterns

  • Gait analysis has shown people do longer strides with poles

  • From a test group, 100% of nordic walkers were still doing it 6 months later

  • 70% of the group had partners or friends doing it with them

  • Note that the best exercise is the one that you do!

Be mindful...

  • Work at your level. Do not walk more than a third of the distance you would normally walk in a first instance.

  • Nordic Walking can give you better walking patterns, but you need to build this up gradually.

  • Ensure you have the correct sized poles for you. Your wrist should be slightly lower than your elbow, so a bead of water would slowly roll off.

Ferrules for Different Surfaces

  • There are boot grips, and spiked tips for grass or mud

  • Different surfaces can be a challenge

  • You can change the ferrule to a bell-shaped one

How do I get involved?

See the LEGS Members’ Area for the slides from this session and more details.

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