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Trustees & Supporters

Annys Fairweather 


Annys is our Chair of Trustees and the founding physiotherapist at LEGS. Annys has a background in sport and exercise science, extensive experience as an NHS physiotherapist and a passion for driving forward innovation and efficiency in rehabilitation.


In her position as Chair, Annys provides leadership, support and direction for the charity as a whole. "My role at LEGS is to help our team deliver our vision and be accountable to our values; to be a sounding board for ideas and dilemmas, making sure we listen to what everyone has to say and ultimately to help implement growth and development." 


Annys can also be found running the occasional LEGS class!

Esther Kufrin

Deputy Chair

Esther is a solicitor by trade having worked at court in Germany and practising law in the US.


She started training as a group exercise instructor in the US already enjoying the benefits of regular exercise in her otherwise quite stationary lawyer life. After moving to the UK in 2011 she founded her own exercise focused business. When LEGS needed a first home it seemed only natural to her to offer up vacant time slots at her studio to Annys for the sessions. 


Since these first sessions of LEGS the charity has grown and developed into what it is today and Esther has sold her business but she still supports LEGS as a very engaged and invested trustee.

Caroline Appel


Caroline completed a BSc and MSc in Physiotherapy and Human Movement Sciences, respectively, at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and started her career as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in Amsterdam.


She then moved to London and worked in the acute hospital setting, consolidating her skills in acute respiratory, orthopaedics and neurosciences care. She specialised in neurosciences and subsequently completed a PhD in Stroke Rehabilitation.


Caroline is Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for the Camden Neurology and Stroke Service.

Stuart Davies


Stuart trained as a chartered accountant. He was the CEO of a number of London insurers and subsequently joined the private equity company Keyhaven Capital. Stuart had a brain haemorrhage 2018 and has found that frequent exercise has been a huge benefit to his recovery. 

Hugh Baxter


After graduating from Glasgow University with a law degree, Hugh Spent his career working in banking and finance, gaining an MBA along the way. Hugh's career culminated in a 20 year stint at a global finance company where he was global head of commercial operations. After suffering a stroke in late 2006 Hugh decided to retire and devote his energies to good causes. 


"When I found out about LEGS it struck a chord with me. I didn't have the benefit of LEGS when I had my stroke and I could see how much value they can add".

Rupert Cockcroft


Rupert was a Captain in the Army (Welsh Guards). After that he worked in the independent healthcare industry.  He then started his own business, building and running cancer centres throughout the UK. He had a stroke, which resulted in the sale of the business.  Since then he has helped stroke related charities.  

Freddie Baidoo


Freddie has worked for Haringey Council since 1987. He brings to the LEGS Board his expertise in managing a busy team, recruiting and deploying staff and resources, as well as liaising with residents, councillors and other agencies.


The stroke in 2016 of his partner which left her with partial paralysis has given Freddie a very different perspective on not only their lives but that of the staff he manages and everyone else he interacts with.

Freddie says: "LEGS has been a real blessing for us both and I feel that it will be amazing to somehow give in some way no matter how small."

Sophia Forrest


Before Sophia's stroke in 2016 she worked at Haringey Council. In her 30 year career, Sophia worked in various departments from Accounts to Housing, and she brings a wealth of experience to our board including HR and finance. Sophia says:


"My stroke resulted in my retirement in 2017 and I have spent most of the time since then doing whatever I can to improve my mobility and trying to rebuild myself.

My stroke has really made me think about everything in a way that I didn’t before e.g. my surroundings, access to locations, H & S, wheelchair access and bathroom facilities, the list goes on.


I feel honoured to be given this opportunity to try and make small contribution to the betterment of people with disabilities."

Paul Mylrea


Paul was Director of Communications for Cambridge University, Director of Public Affairs for the BBC, Director of Group Media Relations at TFL, and Head of Media at Oxfam. Paul also sits as a magistrate. As well as Paul's extensive experience advising organisations on communications and strategy, he brings the Board his own experience of neurological conditions, having had two strokes as a result of Covid in 2020.  


"My interest in helping LEGS is driven by two desires, both of which mean so much to me. The first is my wish to pay back for the support – not just physical – that LEGS has given and continues to give me. The second is a strong belief that LEGS is so valuable that it should be available to more people in more places, and I feel that I can help it achieve that. " 


We are also very grateful for the assistance we receive from LEGS Ambassadors (who help spread the word about our work).


Trustee Vacancies

We are not actively recruiting for Trustees at present but always welcome contact from people who want to be involved in the charity or be considered for a future vacancy so do get in touch

Trustee Vacancies
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