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  • In April, May, June 2024, the fee is £25 per month per class.


  • From July 2024, classes will be sold in blocks of 11 classes.


  • It costs £77 for 11 classes (i.e £7 per class). You cannot buy individual classes so you will be committing to 11 classes at a time. We are not able to offer refunds for missed sessions. 

  • You pay for the block of classes before it starts. 


  • If you prefer, you can spread the cost by paying a standing order of £25 per month instead. Please speak to us if you have any problems paying. 

  • These prices are the same whether you do a face to face class or an online class

       and include:


  • your weekly exercise class(es)

  • regular assessments with a physiotherapist

  • access to our weekly Neuro Café (online discussion and education session)

  • access to our monthly Creativity Club

  • access for your family members and carers to regular Carers' Club

  • membership of our WhatsApp groups for peer to peer support and reminders

  • invitations to our social events

  • access to the Members’ Area with physio-designed resources and pre recorded exercise classes.

How to join

You can refer yourself to LEGS, or refer somebody else. ​​​Once we have your details, we will contact you to arrange an assessment and invite you to join one or more of our groups.

Bursary places are also available.
Read how this has helped some of our members.

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