About Us

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Our Founder

LEGS was founded by Annys Fairweather in 2016. Annys is the Chair of Trustees. She is a figurehead for the charity and provides leadership and direction to the team. The trustees work towards achieving the vision, mission and values of LEGS


Annys’ ability to bring about meaningful change was recognised at the Kensington and Chelsea Business Awards in 2018 where she was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year and LEGS was Commended in the Best Charity or Social Enterprise category.


Our Vision

Our vision is that every person living with a neurological condition has access to affordable, long term exercise and physical activity.


We help people get back to community activities and exercises they did before their stroke or diagnosis. Or we help people to start new activities. 


We don't discriminate by level of disability, address or financial means. Everybody should enjoy the many benefits of exercise.


Everybody should have the opportunity to improve their physical function and independence.


Everybody should have access to social participation and have mental well being. 

We know that recovery takes place over many years following a stroke and that long term exercise brings huge benefits to those with neurological conditions.

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What makes us different?

We are physiotherapist led, so we have expertise and qualifications which makes it safe to exercise.


People can join our groups without having to have a GP referral.


We make it as easy as possible to join us by providing help at every stage.

Our classes are affordable.

Our services are designed for the long-term, to be a part of people's healthy, happy lives. 


We have a holistic approach which means that we see meaningful change and long-term benefits.


We collaborate with other health and exercise professionals to make our services the best they can be.