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Organ donation

Neuro Café - Wednesday 13th September 2023

There are many ways we can help in life but being an organ donor is a way we can help in death and give a potentially life-saving gift.

Next week is Organ Donation Week. Since pink is the colour of the organ donation card @nhsorgandonation are encouraging everyone to “go pink.

Are you registered? You can save and improve lives. Have those big discussions with your family. By donating you could help 9 people!

· UK Organ donation rules have changed to an opt-out system.

· You can make living donations.

· Ethnic groups: race and ethnicity matter.

· There is a special route for brain donation.

There are many ways to donate brains for medical research.

More research is needed to develop more and better treatments.

Useful links:

You can find the slides from this session in the LEGS Members' area.

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