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Tai Chi, Passion Fruit, Future Activities

Notes from the Neuro Café on 3rd June 2021.

What has everyone been doing this week? Answers ranged from outings to a rose garden, bowls, watching cricket and ensuring a trip outside every day for six days.

There was a discussion about the challenges of getting on and off a bus (getting on being easier than getting off) and it was noted that drivers and other passengers are usually very kind and helpful if they spot a person with mobility issues.

We heard that hospitals are not necessarily air-conditioned and that it can be quite hot and uncomfortable wearing PPI gear to work in such warm weather.

Tai Chi benefits

Conor reminded us about previous discussions about Tai Chi, where the free-flowing movements and deep breathing techniques are beneficial in all sorts of ways including relaxation and agility. Tai Chi was developed in China in the 13th Century; the movements and breathing control help reduce stress, and improve posture and balance. As you adjust and adapt your centre of gravity you loosen joints and muscles, gaining freer movement.

Tai Chi can be undertaken in standing or in sitting. You can find more information about Tai Chi on the LEGS website, in the members’ area. Please ask Victoria ( if you need helping logging in.

Conor invited the group to join him in doing some Tai Chi movements and you could definitely see some improved postures afterwards!

Passion Fruit

Tomates are growing and there was a suggestion to try and plant some passion fruit. You need a male and female plant side by side to obtain pollination and get them to bear fruit. Yellow fruits are sweet, with a lemony flavour and dark ones more tangy. When the fruit has become wrinkly it is ready to eat. Passion fruit grows like weed in Kenya.

Group discussions

Please keep discussions in the group chat to the topics discussed in the sessions, namely aspects of our recovery journey.

Future activities

There were requests for

- more Tai Chi, possibly from Lisa who has followed some courses on the subject

- some yoga.

In answer to a question about whether the walking sessions will resume - possibly if there is enough interest from the group and LEGS is able to secure sufficient funding, which will be pursuing.

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