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Saebo - neuro rehab products

Neuro Café 27th July 2022 by Linda S

Saebo glove device

Sarah introduced Glyn Blakely from Saebo, a global medical device company engaged in the discovery and development of rehabilitation products. To improve mobility and function in individuals suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions. Saebo was created by American occupational therapists.

Glyn showed us various Saebo devices and discussed their uses and benefits.

  • Saebo flex and Saebo glove: aid finger and wrist extension and enable users to engage with their rehabilitation and functional task training at home.

  • Saebo stretch: a resting wrist splint to maintain joint range and manage spasticity.

  • Saebo step: a lightweight ankle splint to aid foot clearance and stability when walking.

  • Electrical stimulation devices, Saebo pro and Saebo stimpro improve motor function and muscle strengthening.

Not all devices are suitable for all conditions and need careful consideration. Discuss with your physiotherapist if you are unsure.

Find out more information about Saebo on

Glyn os on Twitter @saeboukglyn

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