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Music therapy

Neuro Café 15th February 2023 by Linda S

Evelyn Mason, Music Therapist shared the benefits of music therapy.

There is a register of Neurologic Music Therapists (NMT).

Communication Rehabilitation Techniques with music. There are many ways to improve skills.

  • Speech

  • Communicate on a different level.

  • Take turns.

  • Exchanges.

  • Articulation.

Psychological and cognitive techniques help improve attention, memory, emotional wellbeing and can include:

  • Songwriting.

  • Performance.

  • Self-expression.

Top tips

  • Physios are important when incorporating with movement. They know about safety and appropriate movements.

  • You can use any music, does not have to be live!

  • Finding the right tempo is important. Set a comfortable walking speed.

  • See YouTube, Spotify for playlists with 60, 62, 64 beats per minute (70s rock has around 70 beats per minute).

  • Choose your own speed to ensure your gait is balanced.

  • Some physiotherapists may have access to a music therapist, if you are interested, ask!

For more information please see the LEGS Member's Area

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