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Mobility, Haircuts, Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Notes from the Neuro Café on 28th April 2021.


Mobility is such a vital part of our lives. We got some more insights about life with mobility scooters. They go at between 4mph (pavement) and 8mph (road). They vary in size. One of our members has just bought one that is about a third the size of a small car. We discussed wearing crash or bike helmets, the importance of having insurance which costs about £100 per year. If you go out for coffee you could park outside and walk in which is usually simpler than trying to drive in.

One LEGS participant has installed an electric panel on his wheelchair and reports it is a little like having an automatic car. Another has re-started driving, doing short journeys for the moment to build up confidence.

Lots of positive improvements for our members this week in improving their independence.


People are returning to hairdressers to get their hair cut, we suggest doing a weigh-in afterwards to see how much weight you have lost! How about a ’50 haircuts’ photo series for LEGS? The photos of our vintage haircuts previously submitted had been much appreciated and good fun.

InterAct and future ideas - reading, laughing, Tai Chi, speakers

People enjoyed the session with Emma last week. It was found to be well thought out and adds a good element of variety to our sessions. The quiz and section on where and how common expressions originated were very much appreciated. We would like more sessions if possible.

There was a suggestion to ask people to read a short story out loud to the group perhaps once a month. Conor reported that Sarah is investigating Laughter Yoga. We learned there are laughter clubs in India where people regularly meet for about an hour and laugh together. Laughter has a feel good factor and is contagious! We might try out laughing for 10 minutes together in the future to see if it improves mental health and mood.

Future ideas include Tai Chi and guest speakers.

Captain Tom 100 Challenge weekend Friday to Monday

Inspired by Captain Tom, LEGS will be taking part in the nationwide "100 challenge" to raise money for LEGS. Conor will be attempting 100k steps over the weekend; some other suggestions: 100 burpees, 100 hours without the wheelchair, 100 sit to stands, 100 arm presses, 100 knees up in sitting. More details are available on our Givey page.


The new themes for our gallery is to share a picture of something you do regularly or enjoy doing! The aim is to spread some positive vibes for the month of May. With the easing of restrictions we are hoping that people will be able to get back to doing some of the things they love.


Oh dear, the peppermint seedlings died! Chilli plants are growing slowly and some people have put them outside to harden them off. They may benefit from Vermiculite/Pearlite/gardener’s grit to improve drainage. You can buy those in small packets. There is a growing interest and banter based around the planting and growing of seedlings... who knew gardening could be so competitive!

The Neuro Cafe will return next week at 10am on our usual Zoom link.

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