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Box Positive

Neuro Cafè 22nd Feb at 2023 by Linda S

Tonight we heard about the benefits of boxing from Charles Delve, an ex professional boxer who is now a boxing trainer and Occupational Therapist.

He runs Box Positive which offers face-to-face and online boxing classes. Charles described the skills we can learn.

Boxing is beneficial for Parkinson’s and many neurological conditions.

Benefits of Non-contact Boxing

  • Learning new movements and combinations

  • Positive effect on mood and relationships

  • Social connectedness

  • Counteracts fear of falling

  • The boxing stance can be beneficial for balance and strengthening.

  • Improvements seen in function and sit to stand outcome measures after 6 weeks.

  • Includes multitasking, dual tasking and coordination. Do not let your non-punching arm down.

  • People feel they are directly combating their condition.

  • Sensory feedback.

  • Gloves-little impact on wrists and joints.

  • Reflex response.

  • Shadow box to music, can help with rhythm, symptoms of Parkinsons and provides encouragement! e.g We Will Rock You.

  • Improves strength and endurance.

  • Maximise independence.

  • Analysis of movements shows strengths and weaknesses and what you need to work on.

  • Dopamine is produced when doing high intensity exercise.

  • Pain is an overlooked symptom of Parkinson's and may improve.

We have different clubs and are hoping to make an accredited programme for

health professionals.


  • Mohammed Ali, the most famous boxing heavyweight, became a high profile Parkinson's sufferer – as a result of boxing? Multiple concussions are not good for the brain. For this reason Charles prefers to promote non-contact boxing.


Q Do you run Zoom classes?

Yes, currently Saturday morning 9:30. We may offer others if popular.

Q Is posture important?

A Yes. Make sure your computer is up so you don’t look down.

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