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Adapted yoga

Neuro Café 1st March 2023 by Linda S

Last Wednesday was international yoga day. Yoga is not all about the fancy poses but for everyone. We looked at adaptive yoga. Anyone who can breathe can do yoga! There are benefits for mind and body.

Participants shared their positive experiences of yoga.

  • There is subjective evidence for neurological improvements.

  • Journey from alert to “rest and digest” or calm state.

  • Can help manage pain.

  • It is good to see people in similar situations.

  • We are all on a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery.

  • Adaptive yoga is very relaxing and worth a try.

  • Meditation reduces stress.

  • It is good to stretch.

  • Breathing control can help you sleep.

  • Poses lend themselves to everyday life; you can stand mindfully on both feet, at the bus stop.

  • Not just for mobile people. Even with minimal movement you can try it.

  • All movement is good movement!

  • Yoga needs balance. Tai Chi, especially with music, may be easier for those with Parkinson’s.

  • Tai Chi and yoga have similar principles. Tai Chi focuses on the flow, repetition of movements. Yoga focuses on poses and positions and incorporates breathing, meditation, time, space, intention

There are many resources, rehab and sample sessions:

There is not currently a LEGS yoga group, but there could be in the future!

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