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World Mental Health Day

Neuro Café 19th October 2022 by Linda S

We look back at World Mental Health Day (10th October) and share the Mental Health Foundation's best mental health tips and resources.

We can begin by making improvements on a small scale. Start slowly and factor a positive element into each day. Increase your sense of joy and hope. Do activities you like.

Protect Your Mental Health in 11 steps

1. Get close to nature. Take a forest bath!

2. Learn to understand and manage feelings. Talk kindly to yourself.

3. Talk to someone you trust for support.

4. Alcohol and drugs are not helpful. They do not stop the feelings from returning. There are lots of forms of support if you have an issues with alcohol or drugs. Try help lines, support groups or ask your GP.

5. Make the most of your money. Seek help with debts from Citizens' Advice.

6. Get more from sleep. Develop a good routine, practise relaxation and self-care.

7. Be kind, help create a better world.

8. Keep moving.

9. Eat healthily. Physical and mental health are related. Even a small dehydration can affect your mood. Snacks? In moderation. Swap crisps for nuts and beans.

10. Be curious and open-minded to new things and experiences.

11. Plan things to look forward to.

LEGS Participants Suggest…

  • YouTube mindfulness instructional videos.

  • Listening to classical music and happy songs.

  • Walk to the park, get some fresh air, open a window!

  • Get into a positive routine especially if you live on your own.

  • Shave.

  • Wear nice clothes or fun outfits like Bermuda shirt, hat, sunglasses.

  • We are social beings and need other people. Connect with others.

  • Have a conversation and a laugh. Exchange positive energy.

  • Make a compliment and start a conversation with someone.

  • Small gestures make people feel better and open the conversation.

  • Enjoy a bar of chocolate or a custard cream (in moderation of course!)

  • Sudoko, Wordle, daily crossword.

  • Watch sport.

  • Take a long shower.

Find out more on the mental health foundation website.

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