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Walking Football

Neuro Café 21st September 2022 by Linda S

This week we were joined by highly specialist Neuro physiotherapist Joanna Eastough and Issey Lee-Fisher football coach from Worcestershire, to share their knowledge and experience of Neuro Walking football. They described how Neuro Walking Football can help people be socially and physically active.

This fun, sociable, inclusive, slower version of the sport has lifted off! No running, one foot on ground at all times, no headers, no contact. 5-7 players per side.


  • 2 hours: first practical, second social engagement.

  • Players must register, are screened beforehand for safety and to establish their individual goals.

  • Safety and player welfare are priorities.

  • Sessions have a mixture of different ages, abilities and backgrounds


  • Improvements in strength, resilience, maintaining flexibility, endurance and balance.

  • Encourages self-awareness and management of physical health. Are you working on flexibility or coordination?

  • Keeps people active and maintains their independence.

  • Team WhatsApp group, for community and peer support

  • Increases confidence, self-satisfaction, enjoyment.

  • Rediscover motivation, sense of purpose, belonging.

  • Opportunity to compete.

  • Meet a great group of people who share similar problems.

  • A new beginning.

Find local clubs in your area; use the FA Look Up Tool, social media, charities, neurological charities.

What are the area of focus in the future?

  • Exploring sponsorship.

  • Womens' only sessions. Parkinson's England Walking Football team includes one Lioness.

  • Piloting walking versions of other sports; Tennis, Hockney, Cricket and Rugby.

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