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Neuro Café 29th June 2022 by Linda S

See the slides in LEGS Members' Area for details.

A woman stands in front of a laptop wearing a T Shirt saying "Volunteer". She is using sign language/

Why volunteer?

The recent pandemic has highlighted the positive contributions made by volunteers.

Volunteering has many benefits. As a volunteer, you might

  • learn new skills

  • gain accreditation

  • improve employment prospects

  • use your existing skills to help others

  • have fun

  • feel rewarded

There are many different organisations and opportunities.

Here are some websites you could look at to find volunteering opportunities, by area of focus or location.

Join-in runs volunteering projects as a legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Contact them to find out about how to get involved with local sporting and community projects.

Volunteers currently assisting LEGS

  • Physio students volunteering in face to face classes

  • Volunteers assisting with 'front of house' duties in the studio sessions

  • A pro bono web developer

  • Professional photographers

  • Our trustees

  • Our ambassador, Linda, who creates all of our Neuro Cafe notes

  • Our Participant Voice Representative, Julie, who leads this important link between participants and trustees

Being a Charity Trustee

  • Trustees are vital to the running of charities (as are "governors", the equivalent term for voluntary leaders in schools)

  • Trustees, a volunteers, are not paid for their services (but might be able to claim back expenses)

  • Trustees can have legal responsibilities - make sure you are aware of what your liabilities are before you start

  • It can be a very rewarding position

  • There is currently a lot of focus on diversifying trustee boards to ensure that a charity is being led by a group of people who represent the people it serves

Do LEGS participants volunteer?

All participants at this session volunteer now or have done in the past:

  • handing out food at a local foodbank

  • being a trustee at a local church, preparing accounts and doing admin

  • being on an ethics committee making suggestions for new technology

  • trustee for local charity

  • helping with CRISIS at Christmas

  • advising a job club at a local library

  • being a school governor

  • community group work

  • outreach work to prevent loneliness

  • chatting with others via Zoom

What to consider when thinking about volunteer roles?

  • What interests you?

  • What skills can you share?

  • How much time do you have to give?

  • How often do you want to do something? One-off or a regular commitment?

  • What do I want from the organisation I might volunteer for (eg will I be supported? Is it safe? Do they have good procedures in place? Are there other people who are already volunteering who can tell me their experience?)

There are hundreds of volunteering opportunities waiting for you out there. Get researching!

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