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Therapy animals and service dogs

Neuro Café 21st June 2023 by Linda S

  • Tonight at the Neuro café we discussed the benefits of pet therapy and service animals. Pets can bring wonderful companionship, aid participation in activity and improve health and well-being.

  • Animal therapy is the most common type of therapy and involves owners taking their pet into facilities such as hospitals and care homes.

  • Benefits of animal therapy include; reducing anxiety, stress and fear. Provide a distraction in stressful and boring environments. Increase socialisation and engagement. Lower blood pressure.

  • Animal assisted therapy involves specifically trained animals to assist in therapy sessions. It is goal directed and progress monitored.

  • Service dogs are trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability and has a specific job. Examples are guide dogs, seizure alert dogs, hearing support dogs and many more!

Find out more:

· Slides on the LEGS website Members' Area

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