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Sport for Confidence

Neuro Café 13th July 2022 by Linda S

We welcomed Liz Fletcher, an Occupational Therapist who has worked in various healthcare and now, with Sport for Confidence.

Sport for Confidence is a social enterprise organisation. They run sessions lead by Occupational Therapists who work collaboratively with sports coaches to make exercise accessible for all, primarily in leisure centres.

They believe that everyone should be able to feel the benefits of physical activity and meaningful movement. They work with disabled people and other marginalised groups.

A smiling girl in a purple t shirt is playing basketball in a wheelchair
Adapted basketball

Liz showed us a video and presentation describing Sport for Confidence’s aims and activities:

  • Sport for Confidence is client-centred, unique and fun.

  • Set up 7 years ago, there are now 13 Occupational Therapists and 7 coaches working in multiple leisure centres.

  • They reach out to people who struggle to access sport.

  • Environments need to be adapted to make people feel welcome and able.

  • We should all have the opportunity to participate in activities to achieve our personal goals.

A tennis racket and ball on the base line of a chalk tennis court

How to get involved?

  • 'Stay connected' is the first point of contact for new members, to ensure participants are offered the right support.

  • Participants will be triaged then contacted by an Occupational Therapist.

  • If there is an activity that you would like to get involved with but have been unable to, contact Sport for Confidence. They can signpost you to services or if there is enough interest, they might start an activity!

LEGS participants discussed sports that they are interested in getting involved with in the future from tennis to archery!

Liz was so inspiring, thank you for joining us this week. One participant followed up her promise the next day and played tennis from her wheelchair!

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