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Neuro Café 30th November 2022 by Linda S

Sleep. Some people do not get enough, some get too much.

Sleep is critical. It is very important to get the right amount and wake refreshed. Sleep affects mood, memory, metabolism. Sleep is a cycle. Bad sleep is a cycle.

Sleep difficulties are common in neurological conditions. Excessive daytime sleeping is common initially post-stroke and can have multiple causes.

Sleep Tips

  • Instead of medication try simple actions first

  • Have set bedtimes. We can try for 10pm but busy life and chores sometimes get in the way.

  • Sleep Apps help to regulate bed times by reminding you and monitoring you.

  • Avoid eating too late. High sugar snacks, fatty/spicy food, caffeine, alcohol can all interfere with sleep cycles.

  • Sometimes exercise too late in the day can wake you up and affect your ability to get to sleep.

  • Create a good bed environment. Use your bedroom only for sleep rather than TV watching or doing work.

  • Try and relax. Leave time to unwind and chill out. Lower the lights, breath deeply.

  • Hot baths and Epsom salts can aid relaxation.

  • Exercise - try gentle stretching, yoga, Tai chi, walking, swimming.

  • Mindfulness and deep breathing exercises.

LEGS participants tips

  • Move to a different bedroom to escape a snorer!

  • Keep waking up, cannot get back to sleep? Stop worrying, do a crossword, read a chapter of a book.

  • GP suggested Melatonin plus Piriton. CHECK WITH YOUR GP before taking any medication.

  • Listen to 30 minutes of Radio 3.

  • Sleep stories and meditation on Calm app.

  • CBD helped (5% under tongue). CHECK WITH YOUR GP before taking any medication.

  • Keep your eyes closed even if you can't sleep. Rest is restorative.

  • Chamomile or Peppermint tea can help prepare you for sleep.

  • Are you too hot or cold? You may need more/less layers or adjust the ventilation in your room.

Please speak to any member of the LEGS team for advice or suggestions.

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