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RMR Rehabilitation (Rowan Morgan-Ruffley Rehabilitation)

Neuro Café 25th January 2023

We were joined by Rowan Morgan, the founder of RMR.

RMR Rehabilitation offer adaptive personal training sessions from the comfort of your own home or place of choice e.g. a gym, studio or outside. All their trainers are fully qualified, DBS checked and insured.

Rowan's background:

  • Worked as a personal trainer

  • Got a job in a carer home as a carer

  • Began to do exercise classes in the care home

  • Noticed a neglected area in the market

RMR Trainers

All RMR's trainers are experienced and qualified to work in the rehabilitation sector, they are insured and DBS checked yearly. Their aim is to help you set and achieve short term and long term goals. Whether that be increasing your fitness, improving strength and conditioning, balance and core stability. Or working on functional exercise which involves training the body for the activities you perform daily life.

Things to check for before engaging a personal exercise trainer:

  1. Insurance

  2. DBS

  3. Qualification (level 3) – CIMSPA


  • Referrals can be made via your GP through the GP referral scheme.

  • Physio can also refer through the GP referral scheme.

  • This usually takes place in a local council run gym.

  • You will work closely with your trainer so it is important to find one that suits you.

  • Always remember you are the expert of your body so listen to what it says and work with your trainer.

More details can be found on the RMR website.

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