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Remap - equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives

Neuro Café 8th June 2022 by Linda S

Caryn Moberly joined us from Remap. Caryn is the chair and one of the 23 engineers at Remap. They custom make equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives. Caryn shared some examples of their previous work and gave LEGS participants a chance to discuss any equipment they require that they have not been able to find on the market.

7 lightbulbs are on resting on the floor. One is brightly lit in the middle.

Caryn showed us some interesting and useful aids made by the Remap volunteer engineers. The impressive range of aids includes:

  • brush holder for an artist

  • bespoke arm support for a piano player

  • counterbalance weight to enable an AGA cover to be lifted effortlessly

  • wheelchair ramp

  • an aid to get in and out of the bath where a hoist would not fit

  • pushchair steps to allow children to get out of their pushchair

  • sink cover to prevent injury from autism/epilepsy falls when washing up

  • a pole to lower net curtains to enable them to be changed.

  • special seat insert for a child to be used in an airplane. British airways took it on.

  • A video from a news feature about REMAP, shows how one engineer assisted a child by making an electric grabber.

LEGS participant discussion and requests

A brown haired girl of around 7 years old stands in front of a pale blue background. She is looking quizzically upwards, with a pointed finger resting on her chinn
Any ideas?

Caryn invited LEGS participants to contact Remap if they had any questions or thought Remap might help with specific problems. Some ideas...

  • "A ‘skateboard’ support for my arm to help me with my arm exercises"

  • "Something to stop my pedal exerciser moving on the floor"

  • "A better footrest for my electric wheelchair "

Equipment made is free of charge, due to donations and grants to cover cost of materials. All engineers are volunteers. You can pay or donate but there is no obligation to do that.

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