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REMAP - Custom made equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives.

Neuro Café 3rd May 2023 by Linda S

Session led by: Sarah Sparkes, LEGS Lead Physiotherapist

We were joined by Caryn from charity Remap – ‘making things possible’ is their strap line and a charity whose values align with ours.

Remap experts are often retired engineers or very creative souls who can adapt and alter most things to help people gain more independence.

• Remap invent, design and make things you often cannot buy. The service is free!

• They problem solve many aspect of life. Inventing aids for cooking, walking, opening gates and making bespoke ramps, wheelchair adaptations and for activities involving art, music and beauty. This is not an exhaustive list and Remap love a challenge.

• Anyone can make a referral to REMAP. You, a family member or a professional such as your Physiotherapist or Occupational therapist.

• If they think that a solution to your problem already exists, they will signpost you to the correct service or piece of equipment.

• Contact Remap via:

Email: Tel: 077 90 127 123

• Find out more:

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