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OnTrack rehab - Helix centre

Neuro Café 4th May 2022 by Linda S

The Helix centre logo in pink and green
The Helix Centre

Sarah welcomed us and introduced OnTrack team members:

  • Gianpaolo Fusari, Designer at Helix Centre Innovation Hub and

  • Clare McCradden, PPIE (Patient and Public Involvement) lead.

What is the Helix Centre?

  • The Helix Centre combines expertise in design, clinical knowledge and research.

  • They involve involve clinicians, stakeholders and patients in their designs.

What is OnTrack?

  • OnTrack is a Neuro Rehab programme that uses technology and peer support to encourage patients to engage with upper limb exercises and self-manage their condition.

  • The OnTrack system is designed by teams from the Royal College of Art, Imperial College and clinicians who are trying to improve stroke rehab in the NHS and beyond.

  • Neuro rehabilitation involves intensity, repetition and commitment. This can be extremely difficult for individuals to maintain and particularly once NHS involvement ends.

  • OnTrack spent time with therapists, stroke survivors and family members to understand the difficulties around neuro rehabilitation.

A person wearing an iwatch reads an alert on the watch screen
OnTrack rehab uses an iWatch and iPhone

  • OnTrack programme comprises of an iWatch, iPhone and a paper based log.

  • The programme lasts12 weeks and includes one-to one sessions with a coach and clinician-facing platform for insights.

Key messages

  • Neuroplasticity is where the the brain reforms connections.

(See our previous blog post on neuroplasticity here)

  • The most neuroplasticity happens in the first 3 months after stroke.

  • The earlier you start and the intensity of exercise is key and gives better outcomes.

  • Motivation is very important.

Some of our vey own LEGS participants will be participating in trialling the programme. We are looking forward to hearing about their experiences!

Many thanks to the Helix centre for joining us at Neuro Café and involving us with your product.

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