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Neuro Pilates

Neuro café 7th December 2022 by Linda S


Sarah Shiner gave us a full description of the origins and benefits of Pilates and Neuro Pilates. Boxer and gymnast Joseph Pilates was appalled to see patients in bed doing no exercise during world war one. He prescribed an exercise programme to patients, using old bed parts and springs to keep people moving and aid recovery, with success. Pilates has evolved over the years and is a popular exercise method in sports training, physiotherapy and group exercise.

What is Pilates?

•A range of movements with a focus on “central core of stability”in the lumbo-pelvic region.

•From the central core, differing limb movements and resistance is added, combined with breathing control.

•“Mind-body” technique

•A practice where alterinng abnormal movement patterns are carried over to daily function.

•Correction of muscle imbalance.

•Different postural sets

Key elements

1 Breathing

2 Centering (activating core muscles)

3 Ribcage placement

4 Shoulder blade placement

Neuro Pilates

The many benefits of Pilates include:

  • Motor learning and promotion of neuro plasticity.

  • Taking efficient movement patterns learnt into daily functional movement.

  • Sensory and motor integration

  • Postural orientation

  • Postural control

  • Use of equipment and increased base of support, to increase stability and reduce tone and spasticity.

  • Hopefully participants will develop a strong and stable trunk like a tree. Activate those core muscles!

We teach Neuro Pilates on Thursday afternoons from the lovely Barrecore Studio in Wandsworth. There are places available if you are local and interested in joining.

For more information please see LEGS Members' Area

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