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Neuro Café - Tai Chi

Notes from the Neuro Café on10th February 2021.

Tai Chi

Sarah had made a presentation about Tai Chi. More details can be found on slides in the Members’ Area of the LEGS website (please contact Victoria - if you need help accessing this).

Tai Chi concerns balance and movement and has been described as meditation in motion. It uses slow, controlled repetitive movements. It can be performed either in sitting or in standing.

Promoting physical and mental wellbeing, it concerns aerobic movements, breathing, balance, coordination, strength: elements which are in harmony with the exercises undertaken by LEGS participants.

There seem to be some emerging benefits from these activities for people with neurological conditions.

There is a Tai Chi Union where you will find GB qualified and regulated instructors.

LEGS people have the following Tai Chi experiences:

  • Master Gohring Tai Chi breathing

  • following a weekly course via Eventbrite or Sunday afternoon sessions with Kurt

  • local council (Enfield Active) offersTai Chi

  • engage a personal trainer. This was found to be helpful in keeping pain under control and also to help stop falling down

  • followed courses in New York

  • exercises where you tap on limbs may be helpful in waking them up

People like Tai Chi because it is enjoyable, meaningful, functional. These ideas are in tune with the ethos of LEGS. The group agreed if you do not find these elements, you will probably not do the reps!


One patient who has been experiencing muscle spasms in his legs during the night, has found good relief from daily stretches. This has decreased his spasms through the night and improved his quality of sleep.

Experiences abroad

Reminiscences from a Nigerian local, and interesting anecdotes from a traveller to Nigeria. We hope to be able to learn how to prepare a Nigerian dish in a future session.

Conor invited members to suggest discussion areas: orthotics and splints were mentioned as a possibility. People are welcome to share a skill or talent.

LEGS people are interesting!

Check out our participants' talent...



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