Neuro Café - Mindfulness, Relaxation, Exercise/breathing

Notes from the Neuro Café on17th February 2021.


Sarah had made a presentation earlier about being mindful and Conor resumed the theme. Mindfulness can involve meditation and seeking calm. Step back from the everyday stresses of life and be aware of the present moment.

You can train your mind to be mindful. 15 minutes of mindfulness can go a long way.

The effects of being mindful may have positive effects to the brain. More details can be found on slides in the Members’ Area of the LEGS website (please contact Victoria - if you need help accessing this).

A few suggestions for further investigation:

Parkinson’s Mindfulness Toolkit

Flint Rehab



Wellness Society


Mindfulness can be practised while eating - think about your food. Some of us eat in a rapid or absent minded manner!

Moving - walking - running; focus on your body and the task. Notice the feeling of your body moving.