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Neuro Café - Biscuits, Mindful Moving, Plants, Photos, Muscle Pain, LEGS Website

Notes from the Neuro Café on 3rd March 2021.


We opened with a short discussion about favourite biscuits and heard about an owner in the park who kept shouting for ‘Hob Nob’ - presumably the dog not the biscuits! There was another dog called ‘Lemonade’.

Mindful Moving and Activity Tracking

Conor reminded us that the information on Sarah’s talks about Tai Chi and Mindfulness can be found on the LEGS website. The details can be found on slides in the Members’ Area of the LEGS website (please contact Victoria - if you need help accessing this).

Why not think about moving with mindfulness?

Linda made PDF tracking booklets for March which Conor can distribute if people want to try to use them to help motivate themselves to move.


There were laughs and banter about growing plants; some members are a little too keen and find themselves having to hide their purchases of seeds and plants from their spouses. We saw cress which had been planted in tights with a jolly face and a decorated pot (which will grow in time for St Patrick’s day hopefully). We noted that one house has so much greenery it looks like an indoor garden - that green invasion does not include the collection of 20-30 orchids in pots!

Growing things in pots is a popular activity, both outside and inside, whether orchids, house plants, chilli seeds or other seedlings.

The peppermint seedlings are coming along. We heard about a very strange and unsettling interloper amongst the greenery and asked to have a look to identify it. On closer inspection this alien being turned out to be a mushroom, no doubt from the compost. One relieved peppermint grower… and chuckles from the rest of the group.

Conor thought he might like to join in the plant challenges (given the growing fun and competitive spirit amongst members) and it was suggested he might like to consider a bacon and egg plant, since he is not too fond of his greens!

Suggested suppliers of seeds are Suttons

and Thompson and Morgan

Nasturtium was suggested as a plant to try growing. You can even eat the flowers!

Going Out Photos

There have been over a 100 excellent photos submitted in February to prove we have been outside. Conor is collating them and will add music for a presentation. We took a look at the slideshow so far - an interesting and varied collection of perspectives and observations.

The theme for March will be ‘New’ or ‘something beginning with M’.

Members’ Area LEGS website

The LEGS website is an excellent reference point, with numerous pieces of useful information, including a blog, video resources, exercise demonstrations broken down group by group and extra reading.

The link to the website can be found in LEGS emails:

Conor encouraged participants to login and use the LEGS resources. It was agreed they are very helpful.

Muscle Pain

Sometimes muscles hurt or ache after exercise. This is not necessarily a bad thing, when you do a new exercise you can ache in the days after as your body gets used to moving.

LEGS Group

There was just enough time for two bad jokes at the end of the session.

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