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Nearest and Dearest by Hannah W

Last week I got to see some of my nearest and dearest! How super it was to see them!

It started off with two of my friends, Emma and Kate, coming around to visit me. We have spent most of this isolation period, I guess you could insolation! We have been in contact pretty regularly in a group chat on Zoom with ourselves and our other lovely friends, to replace some of our great catch up lunches/evenings, but it doesn’t quite make up for meeting in person and seeing each other.

So it was great to see them both. They came around and, minus the usual hugs, sat in my patio garden and we got some sunshine and had some wine! This type of experience was super nice!

Two days later my big sis also came around. She drove from Beaconsfield and it was SO NICE to see her!! She came without her little boy, whom I adore, but I was very happy to see her and hear all that’s been going on.

Finally, my Mum also came around! I haven’t seen her since the beginning of March, which I think is the longest period of not seeing her ever!! She came in, and I jumped up and said, "Can we hug?”. I think her answer was, “I am not sure”, but it basically ended in me giving her a humongous hug! Boy, was that needed!!

So, this is a very different but refreshing time compared to a few weeks ago. Let’s hope that it continues to improve and we take a moment to appreciate how special it is to be reunited with our nearest and dearest, if we have the good fortune.

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