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Mental health foundation - Mental Health Awareness Week and anxiety

Notes from Neuro Café 24th May 2023 by Linda S

  • Anxiety can sometimes be helpful making you more alert. However sustained anxiety which has an impact on day-to-day life can start to become a problem.

  • Certain groups of people are more at risk for developing anxiety such as people with long term health conditions.

  • There are self management techniques that can help anxiety such as breathing techniques, exercising, eating a healthy diet, spending time in nature, taking up a hobby or doing an activity you enjoy.

  • Connecting and talking to others about your anxiety or keeping a diary of your thoughts can reduce anxiety.

  • Contact your GP for more support. They can refer you for Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or advise medication if they think appropriate.

  • Lots of people experience anxiety. Be yourself. Be kind to yourself.

You can access the Neuro café slides from this week on the LEGS website Members' Area

Other useful websites:

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