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Lifestyle modifications

Neuro Café 23rd November 2022 by Linda S

Modification of lifestyle factors is recognised as extremely important for the management of stroke risks.

Many people leave hospital without receiving the correct lifestyle modification information such as to keep moving and eat the correct diet. The Stroke Association has useful information.


  • Adopt a high intake of healthy food, such as the 'Dash'' diet, which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. This is high in calcium, potassium, protein, fibre, magnesium and low in sodium, sugar, fats.

  • Consume cups of greens instead of tablespoons of sugar.

  • Banish added sugars!

  • Be motivated to move. Even small efforts can make a big difference. Activity can be any type of activity such as walking the dog.

  • Do specific strength activities 2-3 times a week, against resistance.

  • Stop smoking.

  • Cut down on alcohol consumption.

  • Stay a healthy weight.

LEGS participant tips

  • It is good to be reminded of all these elements, and they are modifiable.

  • Develop a strategy to control food intake.

  • Find positives in negatives.

  • Change eating habits: Some people try having brunch then dinner, moving closer to intermittent fasting. But remember, some people need to eat regularly.

  • Fewer meals and reduce meal sizes during the day.

  • Prioritise eating protein.

  • Eat things like porridge (slow release energy) to avoid sugar peaks.

  • Enjoy your food. Eat everything in moderation.

  • Try an apple instead of an alcoholic drink at night time.

  • Need to satisfy a sweet craving? Try liquorice tea in small amounts.

For more information please see LEGS Members' Area

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