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LEGS is 5 years old!

LEGS started 5 years ago, with just one participant, one class and one member of staff (our founding Physiotherapist, Annys Fairweather). Today we have 14 groups a week, 60 participants and a team of 11 wonderful people providing a variety of classes to cater for people with a range of neurological conditions.

We are proud to be able to provide high quality, ongoing physio-led, rehabilitation to those most in need. As part of our endeavour to make our classes accessible to all, we have a Sponsored Place Scheme, which funds people who cannot otherwise afford the already subsidised monthly membership fees.

We are seeking to raise £840, which will fully fund one participant's rehabilitation for a full year. If 168 people were to give just £5 each we could hit our target!

By giving £5 you can make a huge difference to the life of somebody living with a neurological condition, contributing to their long term physical and emotional well-being, providing otherwise unaffordable physiotherapist-led rehabilitation.

To give, please go to

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