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Jason Wilsher-Mills

Back in October we were lucky to have welcomed Jason Wilsher-Mills to the Neuro Café but we were so busy basking in the brilliance of the session that we forgot to post about it at the time!

Jason is a prolific, professional artist based who has exhibited all over the world. Jason talked us through his experiences with having a disability and how this has influenced his art. Jason showed us some of his pieces and talked through his inspiration and creative process. He was totally engaging and his talk was full of humour and truth.

Image: Jason Wilsher-Mills

You can read more about Jason, what motivates and inspires him in this interview with the Art Fund ("I reflect disability in everything I do") and there is much more on his beautiful website.

Images: Jason Wilsher-Mills

One of Jason’s biggest and most impressive pieces to date is an inflatable 10m long sculpture (below). A tunnel runs through the sculpture, visitors can view and interact with images inside. The sculpture shares stories of disabled communities from the Changing Places project. This project raises awareness of accessibility issues in public toilets, campaigning for fully equipped spaces that are adjustable for people with disabilities. It's touring the country and we hope to be able to view it ourselves in 2022.

Image: Jason Wilsher-Mills

We were thrilled to have Jason come and talk to us at LEGS, he answered our many questions and felt we could have talked for hours about his fascinating, poignant and fun work!

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