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Neuro Café 9th November 2022 by Linda S

InterAct use professional actors to deliver a stimulating and rich variety of reading material, to stimulate memory, engage language and lift spirits.

InterAct was set up over 20 years ago by theatre director Caroline Smith, initially as a project to read to people in hospital.

Laura set the theme of the garden for us and beautifully read the poem ‘The Glory of the Garden’ by Rudyard Kipling. Laura asked who has done foraging. Some participants had, including collecting sloes and mushrooms from the hedgerows without realising how deadly they could be. One person has a wild garden with many mushrooms now, but no faeries so far! Next, Laura recounted an amusing story about Catalan people out hunting for mushrooms.

We discussed the book and film, Tulip Fever. Before we knew it, this pleasant interlude ended with a poem by Laurence Abinyon, ‘The Burning of the Leaves’ which put everyone in the mood for a seasonal Autumn bonfire.

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