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Neuro Café 8th December 2021


"By using professional actors to deliver a stimulating and rich variety of reading material specially selected to suit the needs of stroke patients, InterAct works to stimulate memory, language, and lift spirits." InterAct

Conor welcomed everyone and we were joined by Fayon Dixon from InterAct. InterAct have visited us before. Fayon is a presenter who has worked with InterAct for around 19 years and she reminded us that its 160 actors do community-focused work, reading and entertaining people in places like hospitals. It is enjoyable meeting people, especially outside of London. Fayon promised us a Christmas Quiz, a poem written by her auntie’s friend and an urban legend story.

Show and tell

Fayon began by finding out more about everyone;

LEGS participants have diverse talents. We introduced our "Show and Tell" items.

The first object was The Emperor, a fiction fantasy novel by LEGS participant Robert, based on the Scottish war of independence; this is part of a trilogy, and he is currently finishing the third book. The books are: The Emperor, The Son and The Thief.

One participant bought an Advent Calendar in the Chelsea Physic garden this morning, a nice visit and looking forward to opening the doors and maybe finding inspiration for making their own calendar.

Someone on a hair journey showed a pair of curling sponges; being used in the mornings and hoping they will work wonders! Fayon remarked that 3 years ago she shaved her head and grew it back just after lockdown.

There was a 2022 calendar ready to go with photos of the family, a little like an advert for the TV series ‘Friends’. Looking forward to seeing family over Christmas.

An iPhone was helpful for keeping in touch with scientific and mathematical college friends in the UK and USA from many years back. Busy with all sorts of WhatsApp messages coming in. A memory card for 500 gigabytes of data to remind us how technology has advanced – compared to the floppy disks we all used a few years back, it is 4000 times bigger and shows us how the advancement of engineering is mind-boggling.

There was a fun family picture with everyone in Christmas pyjamas featuring a professor, solicitor, management executive and a son in college... all posing next to a cartoon character with big teeth.

Somebody else was stuck in traffic so nominated the satnav in the car. We reminisced about what it was like to have to use maps with greater or lesser success before satnavs appeared.


Fayon recited a humorous poem called ‘I’m very well, thank you

Christmas Film Quiz

Who can identify some Christmas films and actors? If you would like to watch the films in question, they were:

Elf Home Alone Bad Santa with Bille Bob Thornton Scrooged with Bill Murray, based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey The Polar Express The Santa Clause Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger Miracle on 34th Street A Christmas Carol Love Actually

The quiz was good fun and we enjoyed trying to identify the films.

Urban Myth

Fayon recounted an urban myth about a trombonist who put a firecracker in his trombone and then applied the mute – it goes without saying the musician was not good at propulsion physics and there ensued a disastrous chain reaction from the explosion. Moral of the story? Duck when a trombonist says, ‘watch this!’

What are our Christmas requests?

  • A new computer

  • Peace and goodwill

  • To enjoy a wife’s cooking

  • A diet chocolate-free chocolate cake

  • To go to children’s house and have a lovely time

  • Good health

  • To have a nice time with family

  • To receive a particular Nigerian dish - joloff rice with chicken

  • To (finally) get new windows and a new front door.

  • That the presents will turn up on time

  • For Tottenham to win all their matches...

  • and finally, to get back to Ireland to see family.

Fayon thanked us for for sharing a bit about ourselves.

Everyone enjoyed the session, also we remarked how nice it was to meet people in person at the Christmas Tea Party. The Neuro Café will continue over Christmas.

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