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Getting in and out of bed

Neuro Café 23rd February 2022 by Sarah S

A plus king sized bed is laden with plump pillows and thick blankets. Beside the bed is a tabl ewith a lamp, books, cup and saucer. On the wooden floor, next to the bed is a tray with a cafetiere and cup. At the foot of the bed is a  dark leather chest. The room is light and airy and welcoming.

This week in the Neuro Café we discussed the challenges of getting in and out of bed when living with a neurological condition or if you have had a stroke. For many people this task can be difficult and potentially unsafe, for a number of factors such as weakness, pain and fear.

We discussed different techniques and strategies, for getting in and out of bed safely and comfortably, and watched a video describing facilitative and compensatory techniques. There is a wide range of equipment available to assist with movement such as leg raisers and pillow raisers and adaptive equipment to bed setup, such as bed raisers and bed levers. Not all equipment is suitable for everyone and should be assessed for each individual, Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists in your community rehabilitation team or social services can advise and support.

Social Services

It may be worth asking your local social services for help. One participant was facing a major operation and social services were efficient in lending specialist equipment to facilitate getting in and out of bed.

For more information check out the Members' Area of the website.

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