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Georgie Hennah - Life Coach and stroke survivor

Neuro Café 26th October 2022

Sarah introduced Georgie Hennah who is a stroke survivor and personal coach. Georgie helps people living with a neurological condition or injury to create a life they love, want and deserve as they shift from surviving to thriving. Georgie shared her inspirational experiences of travelling to Borneo post-stroke and tips from her blog. Georgie used to feel stressed about travel but now has her preparations sorted and is ready to go! Book a free coaching call with Georgie for top tips and a guide to travelling with a neuro condition.

Some suggestions:

  • Find a broker to organise travel insurance.

  • Step out of your comfort zone to grow.

  • Be in a different country, cross language barriers.

  • You are more capable than you think! It is never as scary as anticipated.

  • Cruising is a good way of travelling for those with neurological conditions.

  • Certain island locations, eg Cape Verde, do not have hospitals.

LEGS Participants' experiences of travel

  • Different airlines treat wheelchair storage differently.

  • Airport wheelchairs were readily available.

  • Take 1 big suitcase for 2 so you can also push the wheelchair.

  • Gatwick and Heathrow have simulators. Try them and see if you can get in and out of seats.

  • Rail travel can be better than flying. One participant went from New York to Niagara by train!

  • By law, airports must be accessible.

Thank you so much to Georgie for sharing her inspiring story in today's Neuro Café! You can follow Georgie on her blog or Instagram page. You can book in for a free 1:1 coaching call with Georgie via this link.

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