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End of year celebration

Last night we hosted our annual 'end of year' celebration for participants, staff, friends and family. The focus of the evening was the theme of gratitude.

We shared what we felt most grateful for: our work with LEGS, our families, the freedoms we have had this year, our colleagues, the participants at LEGS, our health improvements, our physical activity, our improved balance and strength, our carers and loved ones, enjoying time with our families, being together, each other.

There were Christmas jumpers galore, a festive quiz, hosted by our Lead Physiotherapist, Sarah Sparkes and a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells. We watched a tear jerking advert (below) and reminded ourselves of how important consistent, ongoing, functional exercises are to making huge differences in our life. Every person at LEGS has made huge progress this year and we are so grateful to all of our participants for their support, determination and hard work.

Annys completed our evening with her now customary annual Christmas speech, summarising the highlights and key achievements of 2021...and we even remembered to record it this year, hurrah!

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a happy, healthy, New Year.

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