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Driving Tips

Notes from the Neuro Café 20th October 2021 by Linda S

Sarah treated us to a comprehensive overview of issues related to driving with a neurological condition, from driving post diagnosis/change of medication to finding alternative options for getting around. You can find Sarah’s excellent and interesting explanations in the slides on the LEGS Members’ Area (please contact if you need assistance accessing this).

Extra Help

You can add the Fuelservice app to your mobile phone and this allows you to alert garages that you may need help fuelling your vehicle.

If you feel your judgement and perception need verifying, you can take an online hazard perception test.

Cognitive abilities are crucial to be able to drive safely.

Increasing Confidence

Some participants felt they had lost confidence somewhat and suggested having someone alongside them in the car for reassurance.

It is possible to take lessons with a specialist driving instructor; this was found to be helpful.

Other suggestions included

  • taking a pass plus test at a driving assessment centre

  • building up confidence in early days by driving in a quiet and safe place such as a track or car park.

Don’t give up! One participant was upset about failing the initial assessment to drive but subsequently was referred to an assessment centre, took some lessons in an adapted car and was passed fit to drive successfully for a number of years afterwards.

Blue Badge

You can obtain a Blue Badge disabled sticker for the car so people know there is a disabled driver.

Don’t forget to investigate alternative options to driving, there may be more options available than you think!

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