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Disability benefits

Neuro café 6th April 2022 by Linda S

A woman wearing a prosthetic limb, sits on the floor working on a laptop
Applying for disability benefits online

Paula from Citizens' Advice Hammersmith joined us to explain different benefits available to people with a disabilty.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  • This is for people between the age of 16 to state pension age. If you reach it you can claim beyond state pension age.

  • The benefit lasts 2, 5 or 10 years depending on whether the authorities think you will get better.

  • PIP is not taxed and may trigger other benefits.

  • Eligibility & assessment is complex, so get advice about applying.

  • PIP is to assist daily living for working age people. You have to have been a resident in the UK for 2 out of 3 last years.

  • You have to have had difficulties with activities of daily living for 3 months and believe those difficulties will last for at least another 9 months.

  • If your condition is terminal and you are not expected to live more than 6 months you will receive the enhanced rate rather than the standard rate.

A mixture of coins are scattered in a pile
Applying for PIP

What to consider when applying for PIP

What assistance do you need with your daily routine? What activities do you find difficult?

Consider your ability to carry out:

  • Food preparation and eating/drinking.

  • Personal care - washing and dressing. Toileting.

  • Mobility indoors and outdoor. Accessing the community.

  • Communicating verbal or written information.

  • Managing your finances and making decisions about money.

A carer assists a woman with a zimmer frame into a shower cubicle
Are you applicable to receive a PIP?

Filling in the PIP form

Keep a diary before filling in form on how things are affecting you both day and night. This can be used as evidence.

Include examples such as accidents and anxieties such as ‘slipped in bath and now scared’.

Say what is hard for you.

Do not play down your condition.

Get advice to increase likelihood of being awarded the right benefit. Do not be afraid to ask. You may be invited to a face-to-face consultation. If you need someone to come with you for support, bring a letter from your GP.

  • Tell the assessor everything you can and take your time.

  • You can request an assessor who is the same gender as you.

  • Do not lie or exaggerate your condition or assume they are on your side.

  • The assessors are not there to judge you, just to tick the boxes

A diary is on a table next to a notebook and a plant
Keeping a diary of what you need assistance with can help with the applying process

Attendance Allowance

  • Attendance allowance is different to PIP.

  • It’s paid at 2 different rates and how much you get depends on the level of care that you need because of your disability.

  • To receive an Attendance allowance you need to be both:

- Physically or mentally disabled

- State Pension age or older

Carer's Allowance

Two hands holding onto each other
Can you apply for carers allowance?

If you would like more information please go the the Members' area or contact your local citizens advice.

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