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Diet and Neurology

Neuro Café 5th July 2023 by Sarah S

Tonight at the Neuro Café Sarah discussed how what we eat, can influence our brain and nervous system, as well as how we feel.

  • Studies show that consumption of a Western diet, high in saturated fat, refined sugar, and processed foods, impairs learning and memory.

  • The foods we eat play a critical role in regulating everything in our bodies. A balanced diet consists of brain food; food which is good for nerves and muscle.

  • Top tips for all neurological conditions include; eating the right balance of food groups, eat regular meals, eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

  • There are diets for specific neurological conditions such as for epilepsy or dementia. Check out the Member Area for slides on this topic.

  • Diet can affect neurological inflammation, metabolic processes and reduce cell/tissue damage.

Further information:

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