Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Beetroot

Notes from the Neuro Café on 16th June 2021.


It is Diabetes Awareness Week. There are 2 main types of diabetes:

  • type 1 diabetes – where the body's immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin

  • type 2 diabetes – where the body does not produce enough insulin, or the body's cells do not react to insulin

Type 2 diabetes is far more common than type 1. In the UK, around 90% of all adults with diabetes have type 2.

We do not know exactly what causes diabetes. There is no cure for diabetes but it can be managed.

Type 1 is not affected by lifestyle or weight and may be diagnosed later in life.

Type 2 is becoming more common in younger people and can be affected by family history, background, ethnicity, age and weight.

Symptoms may appear gradually and can be missed. Type 2 diabetes can be managed with medication, exercise and diet and insulin.

For more information and find out what your risk of diabetes might be:


What should we be eating? 10 tips

  1. Choose healthier carbohydrates

  2. Eat less salt

  3. Eat less red and processed meat

  4. Choose healthier fats

  5. Cut down on added sugar

  6. Be smart with snacks and favour unsalted nuts seeds, vegetables and fruits

  7. Drink alcohol sensibly

  8. Do not bother with food labelled ‘diabetic’

  9. Get your minerals and vitamins from food


Be active - exercise is a form of medicine! Build activity into your daily life. Start slow, build up your confidence and exercises gradually. Take plenty of rest. Listen to your body; rest and recuperation are as important as exercise itself. In addition to the many benefits of exercise you may like to pay attention to your diet.