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Neuro Café 26th July 2023 by Linda S

  • This evening in Neuro Café we discussed bladder and bowel issues. These issues are very common but rarely talked about and can have a significant impact on an individuals quality of life.

  • Neurological conditions can cause issues with bladder and bowel. Such as side effects from medications or difficulties with mobility or communication, making accessing the toilet difficult.

  • Neurogenic bladder and Neurogenic bowel are specific to neurological conditions and are caused by damage and changes to the brain and spinal cord.

  • You can seek help from Women's and Men's health physiotherapists, GP's, district nurses, Urologists or Neuro Urologists. There are online communities and charities who can additionally support.

  • Treatment is varied and can range from specific exercises, equipment, medication. Check out the Members Area for top tips and further information.

Useful information, tips and support:

Bladder and bowel online community

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