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Compelling Outcomes

Neuro Café 28th June 2023 by Linda S

  • We were joined by Physiotherapist, Leanna Luxton. Leanna spoke about her TED talk on compelling outcomes and how she has changed her views and her teams’ views on goal setting.

  • Leanna suggested we get ready to think about goals and aspirations in an entirely new way. What drives us towards our goals? What outcomes do we want to achieve?

  • Define all the small steps to give yourself context to reach your goal. Test the steps to see if they fit your lifestyle.

  • How would you change your lifestyle to commit to achieving your goal?

  • She spoke about how we can be autonomous, have a purpose. move out of crisis and coping mode to create goals with wings and glitter and conquer!

Find out more:

· Watch Leanna’s TED talk here

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