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Brain Awareness Week

Neuro Café 23rd March 2022 by Linda S

A close up of a brain MRI. There are 6 small squares with images of the brain.
Brain scans

  • Brain Awareness Week is the14th – 20th March 2022​ and is celebrated globally. ​

  • It is about increasing public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. It lets people know about the progress in brain research and the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of brain disorders.​

  • Brain research allows us to understand our biology and body function better, which empowers medical professionals to find ways to prevent or treat brain, nervous system, and body problems.

Truth or myth quiz

Q. Does brain size determine intelligence?

A. No, brains with areas of dense connections are related to higher intelligence. Not size.

Q. Does learning require new cells?

A. No, learning requires connections not new cells. The more you practise, the stronger the connections.

Q. Does the brain feel pain?

A. No, the brain does not have sensory pain receptors (nociceptors). The brain however, receives pain signals from other areas of the body.

Q. Does brain development stop at 18?

A. No, it keeps developing well into adulthood.

Q. Is the brain the fattiest organ?

A. Yes it is. It is a minimum of 60% fat.

Q. Has brain size shrunk over the last 20,000 years?

A. Yes it has. Due to a number of reasons relating to natural selection.

Q. Is the brain good at multitasking?

No. There are two types of tasks, voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary tasks, such as housework, the brain is less good at.

For involuntary tasks, such as breathing, it is very good.

Q. Who has the biggest brain?

A. Whales. Humans have the biggest brain in relation to body size.

Q. Why does moving your body change your brain​?

A. Exercise can enhance cognition, strengthen learning and memory, improve mood, and stave off neurodegenerative diseases ​

Physical activity strengthens the brain, but that means inactivity can weaken it.​

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