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Neuro Café 14th September 2022 by Linda S

We were joined by Zoe Portlock and Jim Blakemo, the founding members of Bikeworks.

Bikeworks promote inclusive cycling in the community with a fleet of different bikes including e-assisted, side-by-side cycles, tricycles and a taxi service.

Operating in East and West London they believe there is a cycling experience for everyone! Cycling is in an excellent tool to increase physical activity, wellbeing and connectivity.

Why give it a go?

  • There is something for everyone and every ability. You can do as little or as much as you like. From tricycles, handcycles, tandems, side-by-sides, platform bikes, and two wheeled bikes.

  • Cycle Taxi! for people with reduced mobility or visual/sensory impairments. You can choose to pedal or not and use as leisure or for more practical reasons (going to the shops or the doctors). Book here.

  • Cycling improves mental and physical health.

  • Social and friendly

Other clubs in the UK and South London

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