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Art therapy

Neuro Café 15th June 2022 by Linda S

A paint palette covered in many different coloured paints
Art Therapy is a registered profession

We were joined by Ruth George, an art therapist from the charity Headway. There are 150 Headway branches nationally. They run one-to-one support sessions, family therapy and social rehabilitation.

Ruth has a background in rehab and recovery and told us about Art Therapy. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression and communication

Art Therapy is a registered profession. It can include non-directive art making such as mask-making. Ruth showed us some examples of masks from Melissa Walker who works with veterans who have PTSD.

How does art therapy help?

  • It can help foster positive connections in the brain

  • It can help to connect the whole brain.

  • Why is this therapeutic? It takes you to another place

  • Looking at art also can have similar benefits!

Group activity

Coloured pencils and pencil sharpenings
Practical task

Ruth invited us to pause for a few minutes and to draw a tree. There was much concentration and quiet enjoyment as the group created an interesting and diverse range of images, from a close-up of tree bark to simple outlined shapes and some free, impressionistic images.

LEGs participants commented on art that they already do; work with watercolours, textile art and sketching.

One participant commented on how the session had 'opened a door' and many others felt that they would like to make more time in the future to carry out art as they enjoyed the session so much.

Check out our instagram to see a few of the beautiful trees created in the session.

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