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Neuro Café 18th January 2023 by Linda S

We were joined by Craig from Alt_movement: an organization which operates out of a private Crossfit training facility and describes their participants as "adaptive athletes", led by fully qualified coaches who specialise in adaptive and alternative methods of training. They support people with a range of learning and physical disabilities and complex needs.

His classes concentrate on ‘ What can you do?’ rather than ‘What can't you do?’

Jay, the very first client, is now a coach. Craig hopes to offer jobs to people with disabilities, also eventually apprenticeships and work experience.


  • Seeing people like us with disabilities doing things is inspiring.

  • Changes your attitude and mental health.

  • Good to be in a community with others

LEGS Participant Qs

Q. Zoom classes?

A. Not at the moment but could if enough people are interested.

Q. What is difference between you and LEGS?

A. Seeking same outcome but in a different way. We use gym equipment such as rowing machines, static bikes etc..

Q. How to get involved?

A. You can watch or join in a session if interested. We have staff, including an OT.

Craig offers tips via Instagram. Suggests you put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

- Ask My Stroke Guide or community for a buddy if you feel shy.

- Tends to pair people up during workouts.

- Sessions force people to interact and have a conversation.

Craig has a competitive upbeat element, cool music and environment and motivation!

Craig is happy for you to contact him to find out more. See contact details via website here.

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