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Action for Happiness - New ways November

Neuro Café 2nd November 2022 by Linda S

Action for Happiness is a charity whose mission is to promote a happier world through a culture that prioritises happiness and kindness. We took a look at their theme for this month "New Ways November". We discussed their calendar this month, filled with daily actions to find new ways of moving forwards.

Getting started

Three simple tasks were suggested as way to get started:

  • Get curious about nature around you. In a park, your back garden or out of your window. Take some time to really look at your surroundings. Look at the different colours and textures. How many varieties can you see?

  • Get curious about people around you. Be interested in others around you. have some questions ready. What is their favourite book? film? Podcast?

  • Think about areas of your life you want to change or try. Then and ask yourself why you would like to explore these areas. For example. "I want a new hobby". Why? Do you want to learn a new skill? Would you like to meet new people?. Delving a little deeper, can you help you make positive steps to trying new things.

Why not try out some positive daily actions? New Ways November calendar.

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