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Action for Happiness - Happier January

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Neuro Café 4th January 2022 by Linda S

A calendar for January, with daily challenges.
Action for Happiness' January calendar

Moving into the New Year we discussed how to have a happier January and make intentions for the year ahead, focusing on increasing physical activity and how we can foster gratitude, kindness and time to be still.

January can be a tough month! The weather might be dark and cold. After all the celebrations our mood might be flat.

Vanessa King (board member at Action for Happiness) explained in a video, that even tiny positive changes can help.

  • Experiment with intentional positive choices such as a few minutes of vigorous activity 2 or 3 times a day. It all adds up!

  • Widening moments of the bus stop, in the shop, calling a friend.

  • Making positive choices. Choosing to be kind. Is this decision going to help me or calm me?

Suggestions and comments

  • Sign up to Action For Happiness to receive a different calendar each month.

  • Find exercise that you enjoy, as one participant described "Look for a bug that bites!" Suddenly exercise is no longer a chore!

  • Stroke changes your life, it can take over your thinking or feel like it is taking away your fun. It can be demoralizing. There are ways to develop different coping processes.

  • Try lots of different things to keep feeling positive.

  • Celebrate little goals!

  • The good atmosphere in LEGS classes keeps us active.

  • It is good to be with people who are facing similar challenges.

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