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Accessible Watersports

Neuro Cafe 12th July 2023 by Sarah S

This evening Sarah discussed accessible watersports that are available in the UK and how to get involved.

  • Specially designed equipment makes water sports more accessible for all and gives independence.

  • Participation in water sports builds confidence and self-esteem, while it challenges the whole person.

  • Sailability was set up by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) to give adults and children with any form of disability the opportunity to take up the sport and learn the skill of sailing.

  • Surfability UK is a Community Interest Company that provides surfing lessons and experiences for people with additional needs due to disability, illness, injury or learning difficulties.

  • Paddle-Ability sessions enable disabled people to take part in activity with other disabled people as part of a club or groups specifically for disabled people or, more frequently, alongside their non-disabled friends and family

Further information:

Members Area for slides and further information

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