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Accessible day trips

Neuro Café 9th August 2023 by Linda S

  • Tonight at the Neuro Café we talked about accessible day trips, what facilities and resources are out there to help, and top tips!

  • Plan ahead. Think about location, distance from home, transport options, accessibility, are you wanting to travel on your own or with others. There are online guides available to help you plan (see links at bottom of post).

  • Ensure you take your usual medication for the day with you, and extra, just in case your journey is delayed.

  • Think about toilets and facilities. There are keys and access cards, which you can apply for if you have a disability. These give you access to disabled toilets or toilets not normally available to general public.

  • Think about whether you would like to hire or borrow a mobility scooter using the Motability scheme. These are also available at some galleries or exhibitions.

  • Look into transport discounts such as taxi card, disabled persons rail card and bus pass.

Useful links:

You can find more information on the slides from this session in the LEGS Members' area.

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