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DSUK - Adaptive snow sport for people with disabilities

Updated: May 5, 2023

Neuro Café 26th April 2023 by Linda S

Session led by: Sarah Sparkes, LEGS lead physiotherapist

Tonight at the Neuro café we were joined by Steve from the charity Disability Snowsport UK who shared their work on supporting disabled individuals to achieve their goals of skiing and snowboarding and getting into the mountains.

  • DSUK work with people with all sorts of disabilities. DSUK believe that everyone has the right to access snowsports, regardless of disability, injury and experience

  • Snowsports can improve core stability, balance, stamina, coordination, mental wellbeing and is an opportunity for social participation.

  • DSUK teach anyone with any disability to access snowsports. Enjoy speed, freedom, independence and sensory feedback.

  • They operate ski schools at various locations throughout the UK and provide opportunities to experience snow sports abroad.

  • Set sights on goals that you might think are out of reach. They definitely are achievable!

Find out more on DSUK website:

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